Pro-Trump Group Releases ‘March Greatness’ Video Highlighting Trump’s Successes

An independent nonprofit organization committed to promoting President Donald Trump's agenda, 45Committee, released a video Friday highlighting his achievements during March.

The video, which is titled "March Greatness," a spinoff of the "March Madness" nickname for the NCAA basketball tournament, shows a series of positive news clips reporting on successes from the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress. These include the Green New Deal legislation dying in the Senate and Trump being cleared of the charge of colluding with Russia.

Clips from CBS, CNN, and Fox News show news anchors sharing a litany of good news for the Trump administration and the country as a whole:

  • "This is a moment that is a complete win for President Trump."
  • "The dark cloud of the Russia investigation has been lifted."
  • "The Justice Department argues the entire Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional."
  • "The Senate Tuesday voted against moving forward with sweeping climate change legislation."
  • "His great next success on getting judges confirmed to the federal bench has many on the right cheering."

The video went on to show Trump signing the executive order recognizing Golan Heights as Israeli territory and a clip of CNN host Don Lemon saying that Trump's weekend was like "Christmas, his birthday, and election night 2016 all rolled into one," referring to the news about Mueller determining that Trump did not collude with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.

"What's nice about this week is that it went from Avenatti 2020 to Avenatti 20 to 25," said Donald Trump Jr., referring to Avenatti being charged for trying to extort $20 million from Nike.

"He'll say, ‘Please, it's too much winning,' and I'll say, ‘No, it isn't. We have to keep winning. We have to win more,'" President Trump said at the end of the video, a clip from his presidential campaign.