Perez: DCCC Shouldn’t Attack Democrats They Haven’t Endorsed

Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez said Monday afternoon that while the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has every right to endorse candidates in Democratic primaries, it should not attack any.

The question from MSNBC's Kasie Hunt follows controversy over the DCCC attacking a female progressive in Texas's 7th congressional district.

"Do you think they need to back off?" Hunt asked.

Perez said that while they can endorse, "I wouldn't attack a Democrat that you haven't endorsed. That's something I think is not a good idea."

Hunt pushed further, asking if that was a lesson Perez learned from his own experience with the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination primary.

"It's actually a lesson that I've learned from watching us win elections over the course of 2017," Perez offered.

He explained that some Democrats were nervous after 2017's competitive gubernatorial primary in Virginia, but Democrats got together to focus on what issues brought them together.

"So I think when we focus on what we stand for instead of focusing on perhaps an attack on someone, I think that's when we're at our best," he said.