Omarosa Interviews Chris Hayes and Destroys Him

• September 26, 2016 7:03 pm


When MSNBC’s Chris Hayes chose to start an interview with the Director of African-American outreach for the Donald Trump campaign, Omarosa Manigault, by asking about Trump’s stance on the birther issue, she not only took over the interview.

She told him to actually be a journalist.

"I challenge you to be a journalist tonight," she said.

Hayes asked her if Trump will explain why he changed his stance on the birther issue during the first presidential debate on Monday.

"Will he explain tonight when he came around to the, I think, obviously correct conclusion, the president is American and therefore not disqualified from office?" he asked.

Manigault came out swinging.

"You know I find that to be a very interesting place for you to start, when there are so many issues that Americans are faced, including the economy, jobs, education, and you want to start with the birther," she said. "The good thing is that he’s put that to bed and ready to move on."

Hayes kept pushing the subject by telling her that Trump has spent five years going on about Obama’s birth place.

Manigault pointed out that he did acknowledge Obama is an American citizen and he’s going to move on from that and focus on issues.

Hayes was not going to take that answer.

"Right, but a lot of people—" he started.

That’s when Manigault started to rip into Hayes.

"We have young black men being killed in this country," she said. "We have people rioting in the streets of Charlotte, and you want to start with birther. Shame on you."

Hayes tried to cut in, unsuccessfully.

"Respectfully—" he said.

"Respectfully," she said back.

Manigault continued to describe how the American people are not watching the debate to hear about the birther issue, but to figure out how the candidates are going to solve the problems they are facing.

Hayes, again, tried to steer back to the the birther issue, while Manigault continued to dominate the interview.

"The conspiracy theory originated with the man who's currently running for office–" he said.

Manigault immediately fact-checked him.

"Are you sure about that?" she asked.

She reminded Hayes that emails showed that a Clinton adviser had actually started the rumor.

When he continued to say that Trump started it, Manigault shut it down.

"Oh, come on, you’re a journalist, you know where this started," she said.

Hayes finally managed to get a word in.

"It goes to the judgment of the man who will be the most powerful person in the world—" he said.

Then Manigault slammed him with a zinger.

"Well, judgment is a woman who doesn’t know what a classified email is," she said.

After explaining the importance of talking about the issues, she fired another shot at Hayes.

"If you want to have a real conversation, I’m here all night long, boo," she said.

Hayes tried to regain the conversation.

"Obviously, you’ve made a tactical choice that you think it benefits you to talk about the issue that sort of—" he said.

Manigault fought back. Hayes then thanked Manigault for her time and cut her microphone, as she was still talking.

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