Obama cites tax-dodger Marc Anthony in campaign speech on taxes

President Obama criticized Tuesday Republicans who do not want to raise taxes on the affluent–using himself and tax-dodger Marc Anthony as examples of people who could pay more:

OBAMA: Gov. Romney disagrees with my vision. That's what democracy's all about–we choose. His allies in Congress disagree with my vision; they've got a different approach. Neither of them will endorse any policy that asks folks like me–or Marc Anthony–to pay even a nickel more in taxes.

Anthony, who hosted the Tuesday evening fundraiser in Miami Beach, has a history of tax-related entanglements with the federal government.

In 2010, the federal government hit Anthony with a $1.6 million tax lien, while New York authorities also filed a $1.8 million lien against the singer.

Anthony has since settled the back taxes; terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

In 2007, federal and state authorities filed a $2.5 million tax lien against Anthony for failing to pay federal and state taxes on approximately $15.5 million of income over a five year period.

Anthony recorded a web video for the campaign earlier this month, targeted at Latino voters. He has been a vocal supporter of Obama, attending the president's inauguration and welcoming Obama at the airport during the president's 2011 trip to Puerto Rico.