Nunn Refuses to Denounce ‘Prevent Another Ferguson’ Flier

• October 23, 2014 6:30 pm


Michelle Nunn (D., Ga.) dodged questions about a controversial Georgia Democratic Party flier that urges African-Americans to vote in order to "prevent another Ferguson."

The flier features a photo of two young African-American children with their hands up holding up cardboard signs that read "don't shoot."

Brian Pritchard of asked Nunn whether she would like to denounce or comment on the ad. Nunn dodged the question and did neither.

"First of all, as I've been traveling around the state, I'm really focused on getting everybody to come out, because we're best served in our state and our country when we have full participation and representation," Nunn said. "I think we need to use Ferguson as a platform to have a conversation with our communities around what kind of society we want, how to we ensure equal justice and equal treatment under the law."

Pritchard asked again whether Nunn denounced the GDP's flier or had any comments about it.

"As I said, I'm focused on reflecting upon what's happening in Ferguson and using that as a platform to have a conversation and moving forward in terms of talking about how we ensure that everybody has their voice heard going forward," Nunn said. "For the state and for the dynamism of our democracy."

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