New Ad Hits Dem Congressional Candidate's Support for Tax Hikes: 'Kim Schrier Costs Way Too Much'

October 19, 2018

A newly released ad from the Congressional Leadership Fund slams Kim Schrier, a Democratic congressional candidate in Washington, for an agenda of higher taxes.

"One thing Schrier would get done fast: higher taxes," the ad says.

"Schrier supports a $32 trillion health care scheme that could double our taxes," the ad continues. "Much higher taxes. And nearly double our national debt."

The ad also hits Schrier for supporting an energy tax "that'd raise utility bills," and a state income tax.

Schrier, who is running to represent Washington's 8th Congressional District, has said she would repeal the tax reform bill signed into law last year. She has called it "appalling" and "exactly the wrong thing." Under the tax reform legislation, a median income four-person household in Washington's 8th District will receive a tax cut of $2,281 in 2018.

Schrier has also said Medicare for all is the "only fiscally and ethically responsible way to take care of our population." She referred to single-payer health care as "absolutely the best system."

A study released in July found a Medicare-for-all plan advocated by Sen. Bernie Sanders (D., Vt.) would increase government health care spending $32.6 trillion. The plan would also require enormous tax increases in order for the government to replace what employers and consumers currently pay for health care.

At a candidate forum earlier this year, Schrier indicated her support for a carbon tax voted down in the Washington state legislature. Her campaign website also expresses support for Alliance For Jobs And Clean Energy and Carbon Washington, organizations that support a carbon tax in Washington.

Democratic Gov. Jay Inslee's bill to impose a carbon tax on Washington could have increased residential natural gas prices by about 10 percent, gas prices by between 6 and 9 percent, and electricity costs between 4 and 5 percent.

In a questionnaire, Schrier wrote that Washington needs to "move towards a progressive income tax."

Schrier faces Republican Dino Rossi, a businessman and former state senator, on the ballot on Nov. 6. Polls have shown a close race in a district Hillary Clinton narrowly won in 2016.

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