NBC: Clinton Walked Away from Tough Email Questions: ‘Nagging Political Problem She Can’t Turn Her Back On’

NBC's Kristen Welker reported Wednesday on Hillary Clinton's tense press conference that delved into the private email scandal dogging her campaign, calling it the "nagging political problem she can't turn her back on."

"Hillary Clinton launched a heated defense of her use of a private email account as Secretary of State Tuesday, the issue that continues to threaten her second bid for the White House," she said.

Clinton became animated on several occasions as she defended her conduct, and at one point she attempted to joke that a question about "wiping her server" referred to an actual cloth. As the presser ended, Clinton walked away to continued shouted questions about the server, turning around and shrugging her shoulders.

Clinton dropped below 50 percent support in a new CNN / ORC poll released Wednesday, a slump tied directly to questions about her honesty and trustworthiness among Democratic voters.