Nadler on AG Barr: ‘He’s a Biased Defender of the Administration’

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D., N.Y.) called Attorney General William Barr "an agent of the administration" Sunday, explicitly dismissing Barr's determination that President Donald Trump did not obstruct justice in the Russia investigation.

This marks the latest increase in Nadler's attacks on Barr, whom Nadler previous accused of not being a "fair broker." He and fellow Democrats authorized subpoena to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller's full report from Barr, and Margaret Brennan, host of CBS's Face the Nation, asked Nadler if he would have to go to a court to get grand jury information from the investigation released.

"Well, yes, we would have to go to a court to get the release of the grand jury information, but that has happened successfully in every previous situation," Nadler said. "And it's not up to the attorney general to decide with respect to that or with respect to other material that he decides Congress can't see. It's not up to him. Remember, he is a biased person. He is someone who is an agent of the administration, is an appointee, a political appointee of the president, whose interests he may very well be protecting here."

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"Do you actually then reject the entire summary? Do you believe there is possible criminal collusion?" Brennan asked.

"Well, the attorney general said there was no obstruction of justice. He decided that. Mueller did not say that," Nadler responded.

"You're dismissing what he has said," Brennan pressed.

"I dismiss what he said. He's a biased defender of the administration, and he's entitled to be a defender of the administration, but he is not entitled to withhold the evidence from Congress," Nadler said.

Nadler went on to argue there was still have been "immoral collusion" even if there was not "evidence beyond a reasonable doubt."

The Washington Free Beacon reported earlier this week that Nadler was set to give a private briefing to the largest donors on the left on investigations into Trump during the Democracy Alliance's secretive spring retreat in Texas.