MSNBC Reporter: Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy Not Something to Brag About

NBC News senior political reporter Perry Bacon said that President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary’s Clinton’s foreign policy is not something to brag about.

On Monday’s Hardball the panel talked about Clinton’s re-launch of her presidential campaign over the weekend.

Political reporter Erin McPike said Clinton’s tenure at the State Department is the ‘single most qualified credential’ for president.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews then asked why Clinton didn’t talk about her four years of experience as secretary of state at her campaign events.

"First of all, Democrats tend to care about the economy, social security, and things like that more," Bacon said. "Second of all let’s be blunt, the Obama-Clinton foreign policy is not something to brag about I would argue, the growth of ISIS, failures in Iraq."

Huffington Post reporter Howard Fineman said Clinton wants to focus on her mother and not her time in public service.

"It’s not only that. She wants to run as an outsider. She doesn't want to talk about secretary of state or the White House or the Senate. She wants to talk about her mom and how she grew up," Fineman said.