MSNBC: Hillary Clinton Tapes 'Disturbing, Jarring'

Panelists characterize Hillary's comments as 'jarring', 'disturbing', 'taking lightly' the value of women

An MSNBC panel slammed Hillary Clinton over the tapes uncovered by the Washington Free Beacon which record her laughing about freeing a child rapist, calling her behavior "jarring" and "disturbing."

"She sounded boastful," noted Joe Scarborough. "She sounded boastful on the tape that she was able to get this 41-year-old guy who raped a young girl, a minor girl, and get him off and  was laughing about the evidence, laughing about the lie detector test, laughing about a lot of it. It's disturbing to say the least, isn't it?"

The Huffington Post's Sam Stein agreed, "Yeah, the boastfulness in the audiotape is certainly disturbing and, you know, whereas she could have sounded regretful about the circumstances of the case and the outcome but still admitted this was her job and she fulfilled it."

Mika Brzezinski asked, "From the boastful tone, is that a problem for Hillary Clinton, being dismissive of a young girl who was abused sexually?"

Bloomberg's Mark Halperin replied, "I think it's a little bit off key given what her campaign will be about."

Halperin also speculated that this story shows that the American public may know less about Clinton than they think they do: "We think we know everything about her? This story and others that have come out in the last few months show there's lots more to come."

Scarborough added that, while he was an attorney and knows many attorneys, he has never heard anyone discuss defending a child rapist in the flippant manner Clinton displays in the tape. "That is jarring," he said.  "I'm not sure why she is bragging about getting a child rapist two months."

Al Sharpton concurred with the other panelists, observing, "It clearly is not the kind of situation that she wants to have to defend when you're hearing your own voice taking lightly something that speaks to one of your core issues, and that is the value of women."