‘Morning Joe’ Hosts Thank Pelosi for Hailing Due Process in Conyers Case, Agree He’s an ‘Icon’

Brzezinski and Scarborough later cite age as a reason for the congressman to resign

• November 27, 2017 10:32 am


"Morning Joe" hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough agreed on Monday with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's (D., Calif.) defense of scandal-ridden Rep. John Conyers (D., Mich.).

"Look I think it's really important that the words ‘due process' have come up in this conversation, not that it's possible in every situation, but in this situation– Every situation that we've covered in the past two months is different," Brzezinski said referring to numerous accusations of sexual misconduct that have been levied against celebrities and politicians.

"They all have different dynamics to them, they all have different levels of nasty to them or bad to them. And they all need to be treated differently. This one breaks my heart, it really does," Brzezinski said.

In a report released last week, Conyers, 88-years-old and the longest currently serving congressman, was accused of settling a previous harassment claim, and further accused by other former staffers of misconduct. He subsequently stepped down as the ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee. The congressman denies the allegations.

"How shocking the word ‘due process' actually enraged some people–" Scarborough said.

"Thank you, Nancy Pelosi. Thank you," Brzezinski added.

"So I understand that these days in this environment you're supposed to wipe everything out that anybody's ever done based on some charges that are put forward. I understand that. That's the climate we're in right now," Scarborough said.

Scarborough proceeded to list some of Conyers' accomplishments.

"As far as Nancy Pelosi getting hammered for [calling him] an icon, what do you call this person before this happened? A guy who was a Korean War veteran, a guy who, when he got into Congress, was one of only four black members in Congress, a guy who single-handedly started a Congressional Black Caucus," Scarborough said.

"If you're offended by Nancy Pelosi calling a man like that an icon then let me just say you remind me an awful lot of the Bible thumpers I grew up with," Scarborough added.

Despite thanking Pelosi and agreeing with Conyers' icon status, Scarborough and Brzezinski said there were other factors at play, and ultimately called for Conyers to resign.

"He's showing up in pajamas at meetings. Somebody at his office needs to step in," Scarbourough said. "They were talking about him having dementia years ago … He's clearly not capable of being a United States Congressman."

"But he is an icon," Brzezinski interjected.

"Yes, he needs to be taken out of Congress," Scarborough added. "And yes, he’s obviously a danger to others and a danger to himself. He needs to be removed from Congress because he’s not capable of being in Congress."

Brzezinski agreed the congressman's age is a valid reason for him to resign.

"It’s such a good point you make," Brzezinski added. "When you’re talking about men in their late 80s, early 90s, you’re talking about people who are suffering from health problems."

Brzezinski said, because of Conyers' age, mixing him in with other sexual harassment and assault allegations is wrong.

"And the behavior of someone in that age range is just—it’s hard to explain sometimes. And it’s very, very difficult to deal with. And it’s sort of sick to inject it into this conversation that we’re having. I think it minimizes it. And thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for speaking the truth," she said.