Military Convoy Belonging to SEAL Unit Spotted in Kentucky Flying Trump Flag


A military convoy that was spotted flying a Donald Trump flag near Louisville, Ky. on Sunday belongs to an East Coast-based Navy SEAL unit, according to a Navy spokesperson.

"The convoy were service members assigned to an East Coast-based Naval Special Warfare unit driving vehicles while transiting between two training locations," Lt. Jacqui Maxwell told ABC News on Monday night.

Naval Special Warfare units is the official name for the Navy's SEAL special operations teams.

Military officials are launching an investigation to determine if any misconduct occurred, ABC News reported. Regulations do not allow for unauthorized flags on an official military vehicle. Maxwell said a command inquiry has been put into motion to determine what flag was being flown at the time.

Photos and a video spread on social media of the convoy flying a blue "Trump" flag from an antenna, leading many people to question the vehicle's authenticity.

The vehicle had no identifiable markings, making it more suspicious when local military units said the vehicle was not theirs.

"Defense Department and Navy regulations prescribe flags and pennants that may be displayed as well as the manner of display," Maxwell said. "The flag shown in the video was unauthorized."

Maxwell added that Fort Knox, located near Louisville, is used routinely by Naval Special Warfare units for training.

If the investigation determines there was a violation with flying the flag, the unit commander will "make a disposition decision as to the appropriate administrative or disciplinary action," Maxwell said.