Michael Moore: It’s ‘Absolutely’ Possible Trump Will Be ‘Last’ U.S. President

• September 13, 2018 9:32 am


Left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore said on Wednesday it is possible Donald Trump will be "the last president" of the United States.

The comments from the left-wing activist and filmmaker came during an interview with MSNBC host Chris Hayes to promote his new film, Fahrenheit 11/9. At the end of the film's trailer, a picture of Trump appears while a voice over says, "Ladies and gentleman, the last President of the United States."

Hayes asked Moore if he truly believed that was possible, and the filmmaker confirmed that he did.

"I think it's possible, absolutely. I think that we have someone in the White House who has no respect for the rule of law, who dislikes democracy by an incredible degree, which doesn't make him really any that much different from other billionaires or CEOs, because their businesses are not democracies, they rule by fiat … It's more dangerous with [Trump] because he has a complete lack of ideology."

Moore gained notoriety for his critical film about the George W. Bush administration, Fahrenheit 9/11. The title of Moore's latest film is a reference to the former, as well as a reference to the date–Nov. 9–Trump was declared the winner in the 2016 election. Hayes asked Moore how the message of his latest film compared to Fahrenheit 9/11.

"What's different now?" Hayes asked. "You thought the Bush administration was ushering in the end of democracy. Is it worse now? Is there something novel and distinct about him [Trump] compared to the Bush years?"

Moore said Bush at least "believed in something," even if Moore disagreed with it.

The program continued with a discussion among Michigan residents who did not vote for a presidential candidate in the 2016 general election.

One young woman featured on the program explained to Hayes and Moore why she didn't vote for presidential candidate in 2016, though she voted for down-ballot races.

"I wasn't going to vote for the lesser of two evils," she said. "That's not something that I was going to participate and I was going to perpetuate an evil, either way evil is evil. When I got to the box, there was no way that I was going to vote for either Trump or Hillary."

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