Markay Discusses Story on Democracy Alliance’s Confidential Document

• May 6, 2014 10:25 pm


Washington Free Beacon reporter Lachlan Markay was a guest on The Derek Hunter Show Tuesday night to discuss his scoop on the left-wing Democracy Alliance and its secret list of wealthy liberal partners in its money-funneling efforts.

The shadowy group's conference in Chicago last week got almost no attention from members of the media besides the Free Beacon, with Markay pointing out that only Politico reporter Kenneth Vogel was also in attendance.

"There are details out there, but they do everything in their power to make sure that everything that goes on there is as secretive as possible," Markay said.

Markay found a document on the floor going over some of the new Democracy Alliance members, prompting his story. He reported: 

But a document left on the floor of the group’s recent gathering reveals for the first time the names of a number of individuals involved in the effort.

It lists new Democracy Alliance "partners," individuals who every year must pay $30,000 in dues and contribute at least $200,000 to the groups that DA supports. It also reveals names of DA "advisers," foundation participants, and individuals getting a "sneak peek" at the group’s activities.

Among its new partners are top labor union bosses, financial and business leaders, and heirs to billion-dollar fortunes who have made names for themselves as high-dollar Democratic donors.

Security was tight at the Democracy Alliance conference last week at the chic Ritz Carlton in Chicago. Politico reporter Ken Vogel was manhandled by security when he tried to interview an attendee. Other conference-goers ripped off their nametags when a Washington Free Beacon reporter approached.

The Democracy Alliance does not actually accept donations. Instead, it solicits contributions from left-wing millionaires and billionaires, and serves as a "pass through" between those donors and top liberal advocacy groups, including the Center for American Progress, Media Matters for America, and Democratic Super PAC Priorities USA.