Larry King: I Have Never Heard of Juanita Broaddrick

Famed former CNN host Larry King said he has never heard of Juanita Broaddrick Thursday in an interview with Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV.

Broaddrick, a former Arkansas nursing home worker, accused President Clinton of raping her during the late 1970s in a 1998 Dateline interview.

Malzberg was describing a double standard of media coverage during the 2012 conventions, noting left wing pundits dubbed the GOP convention a "convention of rapists" while remaining silent on  Clinton's keynote address despite sexual assault allegations directed against the former president.

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"Hold up, hold up. Stop! Bill Clinton was accused of rape?" King interjected.

Malzberg reacted incredulously, telling King his obliviousness was revealing considering King's prior work in the mainstream media.

The former CNN host doubled down and asked Malzberg to start "spreading the name Juanita Broaddrick around and see how many correct answers you get as to who is Juanita Broaddrick."

The two embarked on a further heated exchange about partisanship within the national media. King alleged he's never worked a network where there was a "built in" bias against a particular party's convention:

STEVE MALZBERG: Larry, let me tell you something that they (the media) didn't cover, okay? The convention. The convention of the Republicans in 2012 was called by some in the media — on the really radical left — and many politicians and pundits, ‘the convention of rapists.' Why? Because one stupid Congressman said something stupid about rape. That tainted the whole convention. Yet, Bill Clinton was the keynote a week later for the Democrats. Bill Clinton, who was accused of rape, of sexual assault, of taking it out and having an affair in the Oval Office.

LARRY KING: Hold up, hold up. Stop! Bill Clinton was accused of rape?

MALZBERG: Juanita Broaddrick. Wait a minute. The name Juanita Broaddrick. You don't know that name?

KING: Accused him of rape?

MALZBERG: Larry, with all due respect, that speaks volumes, Larry, volumes.

KING: Was he charged?

MALZBERG: I said he was accused. Larry —

KING: Okay, Steve, I accuse you of being a [inaudible] —

MALZBERG: If George W. Bush, if a story had come out from a woman while he was running for president, that he had raped a woman in college, you think you never would have heard of that woman, Larry? You made my point.

KING: I never heard of Clinton — Steve, it sounds like you've gone off the top.

MALZBERG: Larry, Larry, Google Juanita Broaddrick. Larry, Lisa Myers of NBC News —

KING: Steve, Clinton was one of the great presidents we have ever had. And what a president does — I never heard of her.

MALZBERG: Larry, Lisa Myers of NBC News did a half hour sit-down with her at the time. Google it, look it up. I can't believe you do not know the name Juanita Broaddrick.

KING: I'll tell you. Start spreading the name Juanita Broaddrick around and see how many correct answers you get as to who is Juanita Broaddrick.

MALZBERG: Okay. And Kathleen Wiley said in the Oval Office she was assaulted sexually. Have you heard of her?

KING: If you are — if you like these kind of things as conspiracies —

MALZBERG: She was on 60 Minutes, Larry!

KING: Will you respect me that I have never heard an agenda of any network that I have ever worked at? Will you respect that or are you not believing me?

MALZBERG: What's that?

KING: I've never heard network people get together and have an agenda. I've never heard of it. I've covered every convention since 1960, never gone to a convention with a built-in bias.

MALZBERG: Okay, I respect that is how you feel.

(H/T Newsmax TV)