Kelly Reflects on Memorial Day, Honors Son as ‘Finest Man I Ever Knew’

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Gen. John Kelly reflected on Memorial Day and also honored his son who was killed in action in 2010 during an interview Friday on "Fox and Friends."

"If you're a Gold Star family member, you think about him or her every single day. In fact, hundreds of times per day," he said. "What Memorial Day, in my mind, is good for is for Americans to remember the many men and women over our history who've given their life for this country in combat."

His son, 2nd Lt. Robert Kelly, died in a roadside bomb blast in 2010, and the Fox hosts asked him to say something about his memory.

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"He's the finest man I ever knew," Kelly said." Wonderful guy. Wonderful husband. Wonderful son. Wonderful brother. Brave beyond all get out. His men still correspond with us. They still mourn him as we do."