Jane Sanders Slams Joy Reid for Suggesting Her Husband Physically Dismisses Women

Jane and Bernie Sanders / Getty Images


Jane Sanders, wife of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), fired back at MSNBC host Joy Reid on Wednesday for suggesting her husband physically dismisses women in his presence.

Sanders responded to a series of tweets from Reid, taking the opportunity to criticize the MSNBC host's "biased reporting."

"I didn't answer your biased reporting about Bernie during the last 2 years @JoyAnnReid. But don't ever use me to demean my husband. I am very happy & very proud to be Bernie's wife. Your perception couldn't be more wrong. Have you ever talked with him? You've never spoken w/me," Sanders tweeted.

The Vermont senator's wife was responding to a jab at Bernie Sanders, made during a series of Tweets Reid made following the firing of NBC host Matt Lauer.

In response to NBC's longtime "Today" anchor being fired earlier that morning, Reid pointed out "it's quite a thing that two of the three network morning shows have now lost their lead male anchors to allegations of sexual misconduct."

She then responded to an article from one of her Twitter followers about powerful white men in the media controlling the narrative by sarcastically calling these media figures the "voice of God." She added that these "men are given not just moral authority but the power to shape the national narrative."

Reid went on a rant about how there are "literally no credible national authority figures right now" besides former President Barack Obama, who she noted can't reach a percentage of the population that has become "hardcore ethnonationalist." This prompted one of her followers to namecheck Bernie Sanders.

"Um… I get that he has a hardcore following, but his own attitudes toward women, from his weird early writings to his physical dismissal of women in his presence (including his own wife) make that an incredibly dubious prospect," she tweeted.

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