Hillary Clinton’s Positive Ads in Iowa Are Not Helping Her Numbers


Ken Goldstein, a guest political ads analyst on Bloomberg, said Tuesday on With All Due Respect that Hillary Clinton's positive ads in the state of Iowa aren't doing anything to improve her polling numbers.

"The correlation between ad spending this early in the campaign and poll position is a pretty straight-forward correlation," host John Heilemann said. "It's not the case with Hillary Clinton, though, who has the airwaves to herself, more or less, on the Democratic side out in Iowa, and yet her numbers are getting worse and worse. How do you explain that?"

Goldstein said that was definitely a factor that Vice President Joe Biden was keeping an eye on as he weights whether or not to enter the presidential race.

"I think that's really interesting, and maybe something that the folks people having breakfast in the Naval Observatory might be paying attention to. Hillary Clinton has absolutely had the airwaves to herself, with a very sizable buy in Iowa for fully the last month, and not only has she not gone up, but she's gone down," Goldstein said. "Obviously there's a national media environment going on, and there's other issues going on, but if you have the airwaves and you're not moving numbers in a positive way, what do you think is going to happen when everyone else is up and you're also taking shots from paid media as well?"

Clinton has been badly hampered by her private email scandal and the surge of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.)  in the polls. Biden's consideration of a run and his blessing to seek the office from President Obama has only fueled speculation that he will enter the race and shake things up. Obama has previously said that choosing Biden as his running mate was the best choice he ever made in politics.

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