Hillary Clinton Won’t Call Orlando Attack ‘Radical Islamic’ Terror

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton refused to call the terror attack in the Florida night club an act of "radical Islam."

"Well, first of all, from my perspective, it matters what we do more than what we say," Clinton said on CNN. "And it mattered that we got bin Laden and not what we called him. And I have clearly said that we face terrorist enemies who use Islam to justify slaughtering innocent people. And you know, whether you call radical jihadism, radical Islamism, I think they mean the same thing."

Early Sunday morning, Omar Mateen, a Muslim, stormed an Orlando gay nightclub and gunned down 49 people before being killed by SWAT forces.

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Mateen called 911 before the attack and pledged allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist organization.

"We know enough to say this was an act of terror and act of hate," President Obama said in a statement. "The FBI is appropriately investigating this as an act of terrorism."

Mateen had previously been investigated by the FBI in 2013, but investigators were not able to confirm that he had connections to radical Islam. He was again investigated in 2014 for possible connections to a U.S. suicide bomber, but the investigation was closed.

Clinton said that she would not demonize or declare a war on Islam because that "played right into ISIS' hands."

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terror attack.