Hillary Clinton Trailing Republicans in Battleground States

Majority see Clinton as politician who ‘will say or do anything to get elected’

Hillary Clinton / AP

A new poll of likely voters found that Hillary Clinton is losing to a generic Repubican in 2016 battleground states.

The poll, conducted in late March by Public Opinion Strategies and Axis Research, found that a generic Republican nominee is currently ahead of Clinton 44 percent to 43 percent.

The reason for this was found to be that Clinton remains a highly polarizing figure. Thirty-seven percent of those who said they were voting for the Republican added that it was "a vote against Hillary Clinton."

A large portion of the likely voters see major problems with Clinton’s character.

Less than half of those polled found Clinton "honest and trustworthy," and 60 percent polled saw her as somebody that "will say or do anything to get elected."

Asked what they found to be Clinton’s biggest weakness, the most prevalent response was her "record of scandals."

The poll also found that a Clinton campaign strategy that stresses her identity as a woman would likely be unsuccessful.

Eighty percent of likely voters said Clinton becoming the first female president "makes no difference." The poll also found that Clinton is faring only slightly better with women than she is with men.