Hillary Clinton Continues to Struggle With Young Women Voters

• March 31, 2016 9:54 pm


While campaigning Thursday in her adopted state of New York, Hillary Clinton tried to appeal to young women voters, which are key to a victory in November.

Clinton slammed Republican frontrunner Donald Trump for comments he made about abortion and how he walked back them.

"We all heard them, Donald Trump is showing us exactly who he is," Clinton said. "To me this is a serious issue and it is a very serious discussion. Women's health is under assault in America."

Young women are drawn to Clinton's opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I.,Vt.,) by more than 30 points. Sanders has an alluring populist message.

Clinton continues to try and close the enthusiasm gap by drawing a narrative that the world would be a scary place with anyone else as president besides her.

"I can honestly say that my faith in Bernie Sanders is just overwhelmingly more than Hillary Clinton so that is a tough question for me," one Sanders supporter said.

"I don't exactly trust exactly what she is saying," another Sanders supporter said. "Just because she seems to be saying a lot of diversion tactics. She doesn't seem as open and as transparent as Bernie."

In a March Washington Post-ABC News poll only 37 percent of respondents believe that Clinton is trustworthy while 57 percent do not believe that she is.

Sanders currently has a four-point lead over Clinton in Wisconsin, whose primary is April 5.