Hillary Clinton Struggles to Use NYC MetroCard

April 7, 2016

Hillary Clinton had some difficulty using a New York City MetroCard Thursday during a televised one-stop subway ride.

Clinton reportedly swiped her card five times before successfully entering the platform and boarding the 4 train from Yankee Stadium to 170th Street.

Before boarding the train, Clinton made an apparent jab at Bernie Sanders, who in an April 1 interview with the New York Daily News mistakenly said that the New York subway still uses tokens.

"It was my first term [as senator] when we changed from tokens to MetroCards," Clinton said.

In Sanders' interview, one Daily News editorial board member asked the Vermont senator, "How do you get on the subway today?"

"You get a token and you get in," Sanders, a native Brooklynite, said.

The New York City subway stopped accepting tokens in 2003. Sanders moved from New York to Vermont in 1968.

Before her ride, Clinton told reporters about how unique New York is and how she treasured New York values.

"New York values, the people of New York, there is no place like it in the world, and I’m going to take those experiences, take those values to the White House," Clinton said outside Yankee Stadium.

New Yorkers were reportedly annoyed with Clinton’s one-stop ride, which some speculated was a "major inconvenience to other riders."

Clinton is "not much accustomed" to New York's "rougher edges," Time reported Thursday. Clinton consistently works out of the Manhattan office rather than her campaign's Brooklyn campaign headquarters.