Hillary Clinton Campaign Still Owes Money to Iowa Police

Bernie Sanders paid same department upfront

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Multiple police departments in Iowa say they still have not been reimbursed for services provided to Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, according to local WHOtv.com.

The Des Moines Police Department and the Marshalltown Police Department both say they are owed money from the Clinton campaign.

In Des Moines, the campaign still hasn't paid for $1,800 worth of services provided last October for a Katy Perry concert. The campaign told WHOtv.com that it will pay the bill as soon as it receives an invoice, but the Des Moines Police Department provided a copy of the invoice that was already sent on Nov. 19, 2015.

The Marshalltown Police Department also says it has "requested reimbursement from the Clinton campaign" but that it still hasn't received the payment. The campaign held two events in the small town in January and requested that the police provide added security.

Police chief Michael Tupper that he sent a letter to the campaign on Feb. 3 asking to be reimbursed for the nearly $2,700 worth in services but has received nothing.

"I think the most frustrating part is these events cost a lot of money for our communities and it’s not just law enforcement that’s impacted by these events, but they’re very costly, especially for a small town like Marshalltown with a small police force," said Tupper.

Tupper is not billing Clinton for the full cost that these sorts of events bring to his department.

"That doesn't cover the costs that I incurred with captains and lieutenants and supervisors planning the event or detectives getting ready for the event, pre-event," said Tupper. "I just ask for my expenses in overtime for the day of the event."

Tupper added that he has had no problem getting money from Clinton's Democratic rival Bernie Sanders, who paid for the police assistance up front.

Donald Trump, who held an event in Marshalltown on the same day as Clinton, also already paid the department about $3,600 in reimbursements.