Harvard Students Say America Poses Bigger Threat To World Peace Than Islamic State

Students at Harvard University said that the U.S. is a bigger threat than the Islamic State, and that America is responsible for the extremists’ rise to power.

Campus Reform reporter Caleb Bonham asked Harvard students, "What’s a bigger threat to world peace—America or ISIS?"

"American imperialism and our protection of oil interests in the Middle East are destabilizing the region and allowing groups like ISIS to gain power," one student said.

"As a western civilization we’re to blame for a lot of the problems that we’re facing now," another student said. "I don't think anyone would argue that we didn't create the problem of ISIS, ourselves."

One student speculated that Muslims in the Middle East may be drawn to fighting with the Islamic State because they do not understand how Westerners think.

"They have a skewed view of us, just as we have a skewed view of them," the student said.