Group Launches Campaign Hitting Bennet on Obamacare

Obamacare will cause 'significant premium increases' for Coloradans next year

Michael Bennet / AP
July 6, 2016

A new ad campaign is hitting Democratic incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet for his support for Obamacare, which will cause "significant premium increases" for Coloradans next year.

Advancing Colorado, a free market nonprofit organization, launched a digital ad campaign Wednesday tying Bennet’s vote for the healthcare law to rate hikes and cancelled insurance plans.

"Over 750,000 health insurance plans were canceled in Colorado between 2013 and 2015," the campaign’s website states. "Ninety-two thousand more people will lose their health insurance plans this year.

"Coloradans are freaked out to see Bennet's Obamacare lies staring them in the face," said Advancing Colorado executive director Jonathan Lockwood. "Our health care costs are skyrocketing and Bennet said he is aware but doesn't care to provide solutions. Many have said they feel totally forsaken by Bennet, that they never see him in Colorado to talk to him, so thankfully our campaign will help alleviate this estrangement. Bennet's 'Real Senators of DC' lifestyle and seeming total lies are costing Coloradans our livelihoods, health and safety."

Bennet, who is facing reelection against Republican Darryl Glenn this fall, voted for the health care law in 2009, promising, "If you have coverage and you like it, you can keep it."

The law caused 250,000 Coloradans to lose their insurance once it went into effect in 2013. Insurance companies continue to drop out of the exchange, leaving 100,000 more without insurance next year.

Obamacare enrollees in Colorado will see an average premium increase of 20 percent in 2017, the state’s Division of Insurance announced last month. Some premium hikes will be as high as 40 percent.

Bennet said in May he had "no answers" for Coloradans living in Grand Junction who are suffering with the "most expensive health care on the planet" due to Obamacare.

Advancing Colorado’s digital ads call on Bennet to fix the health care law.

Bennet ads

"Bennet has so much room and ability to help make a difference in our lives," said Lockwood. "We hope he sees the suffering he's caused for Coloradans, and helps fix the bad parts of Obamacare that we all agree can be made better."