GOP Questions NAACP for Not Acknowledging Tim Scott and Mia Love in Their Election Statement

November 7, 2014

GOP Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams slammed the NAACP for ignoring the historic elections of candidates Mia Love (R., Utah) and Tim Scott (R., S.C.).

Williams criticized the NAACP on Twitter Thursday, saying, "If the [NAACP] was a truly bipartisan org thay [sic] would support all blacks not just dem Blacks."

Williams told Fox & Friends host Ainsley Earhardt that "all black accomplishments in America should be congratulated."

"The fact that we have more black people in elected office should be something to celebrate because it is for the advancement of all black people, despite your ideology," Williams said.

"It's an important step. It's historic that Tim Scott is the first black person ever elected to both the House and the Senate. If they choose to ignore it, I think it shows a fault on their part."

Williams said there was "no question" that the NAACP has a liberal bent and is more aligned with the Democratic party. This alignment, Williams said, discourages conservative African-Americans from expressing their views.

"What they should stand for is having more black for having a larger say in American society. That's what they're fighting for," Williams said of the organization.

"Unfortunately, too often today you see it is one sided and I think it discourages black conservatives when they're not able to form a group and be supported by the national NAACP. That's a big letdown."