Gomez: Polls Are Tightening in MA Because of Focus on Economy

'[Markey] has never been in the real world'

Massachusetts senatorial candidate Gabriel Gomez said he believes polls are tightening across the bay state because his campaign is focusing on the economy Monday on "The Kudlow Report."

Gomez also said he is eager to contrast his background with Rep. Ed Markey (D., Mass.) given the stark differences of their respective careers:

LARRY KUDLOW: So your biggest issue it sound like is going to be the economy. Now with that in mind, what is your biggest beef? What is your major criticism of Ed Markey?

GABRIEL GOMEZ: Well, my biggest criticism of Ed Markey is that he's never been in the real world. He's focused on everything but the economy. He's never done anything that's actually stimulated the economy. Whereas I've been in the private sector my whole life, I spent nine years in the military as an aircraft carrier pilot and as a Navy SEAL and more importantly 16 years in the private sector helping companies grow and be successful. And, I've challenged him to three debates. I'd like to stand side-by-side with him and actually debate the issues that are actually important to people, and that's the economy and getting jobs back to Massachusetts.