Franken ‘Midwest Values’ PAC Has Donated More Than $140,000 to Congressional Democrats for 2018

Al Franken / Getty Images


Sen. Al Franken (D., Minn) has a leadership PAC called "Midwest Values PAC" which has donated $140,500 to Democratic House and Senate candidates for the 2018 cycle.

Franken issued a lengthy apology after former Playboy model Leeann Tweeden said Thursday he sexually assaulted her by kissing her aggressively without consent while they rehearsed for a USO tour skit in 2006.

Tweeden also posted a photograph of Franken grabbing her breasts while she slept on a plane ride home from the Middle East.

Franken, who was not in the Senate when the alleged conduct occurred, has said he will cooperate with an Ethics Committee investigation into the matter.

In addition to the $140,500 for Democrats in the House and the Senate, Midwest Values has given $5,000 for the 2018 cycle to Sen. Angus King (I., Maine), who caucuses with the Democrats.

Franken's PAC donated $339,500 to Democrats in the 2016 cycle, including $10,000 to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, according to

Franken founded the PAC in 2005, three years before he was elected to the Senate for the first time in 2008. All told, Midwest Values PAC has raised and spent more than $5 million for Democrats, according to Politico.

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