EPA Employees Given 'Dealing with Change' Counseling Post-Trump Win

Bureaucrats have been in tears since Hillary Clinton's loss

Donald Trump
January 28, 2017

Amidst employees in tears following the election of Donald Trump, the Environmental Protection Agency is offering counseling sessions on "dealing with change."

Axios obtained slides from one of the 45-minute seminars, entitled, "Feeling pressured? Worried about change at EPA?"

Topics included "How to deal with change," "How do you keep your composure and make better decisions under pressure?" "How can you spend your energy more wisely—and have more as a result?" and "How do you recognize and eliminate harmful habits that cause you stress?"

The agency's Employee Counseling and Assistance Program held the sessions, which also covered "How can you stop yourself from getting hurt and/or angry?"

A spokesperson for the EPA told Axios that the counseling was part of regular training available to employees, and that "dealing with change" was "just one of the more recent ones that were offered."

EPA employees are still coming to work in tears more than two months after Trump's victory.

It appears not all EPA employees are distraught that a Republican is now in the White House. One EPA employee reached out to the Washington Free Beacon to say he disagrees with the coworkers he has witnessed crying at work, saying, "There's at least one EPA employee who's absolutely thrilled to have Trump in office."

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