Ellison Refuses to Say Whether DNC Will Return Its Contributions From Harvey Weinstein

• October 12, 2017 12:04 pm


Democratic National Committee vice chair Keith Ellison would not say Wednesday whether the DNC would return all of its contributions from Harvey Weinstein, the movie mogul facing decades of sexual harassment and assault allegations.

Weinstein is a longtime Democratic donor who has bundled and donated millions of dollars to prominent Democratic candidates, and he's given $300,000 to the DNC. However, the DNC announced last week it was only donating $30,000 of that money. Furthermore, the groups getting the money were pro-Democratic organizations Higher Heights, Emily's List, and Emerge America.

Ellison was asked about the contributions after a press conference on Wednesday.

"Will the DNC return all its contributions from Harvey Weinstein?" he was asked.

"I don't have any comments for you right now. I don't know you, and I don't take questions like this," Ellison said sharply.

Under new chair Tom Perez, the DNC has struggled in fundraising and was more than $4 million in debt as of an August fundraising report.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, both of whom were beneficiaries of Weinstein's prolific fundraising, were criticized for staying silent on the controversy until Tuesday, when they both released statements condemning his behavior.

Unlike the DNC, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee donated all of his $23,225 worth of contributions to a San Francisco-based women's charity.

Other Democrats have stated they are donating Weinstein's contributions. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D., Conn.) said anyone who received donations from Weinstein should give it to groups helping victims of sexual assault.