Democrats Chant ‘USA’ on House Floor After Hoyer Speech Blasting ‘the Russian Bear’

• July 19, 2018 12:12 pm


House Democrats chanted "USA!" on the floor on Thursday in response to a speech by House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D., Md.) about protecting the integrity of American elections against foreign meddling.

Rep. Mike Quigley (D., Ill.) introduced the Democratic Motion to Recommit on election security funding, saying the American people were watching at a pivotal moment and slamming President Donald Trump for not challenging Russian President Vladimir Putin to his face over 2016 election meddling.

He yielded to Hoyer, who said the vote was about "substance" and calling Quigley's amendment about one of the most pressing issues facing the U.S.

"This amendment responds by providing for us to partner with our states to slam the door in the face of the Russian bear or any other adversary who seeks to steal the integrity of our elections," Hoyer said. "Surely, we can rise above pandering to party and Putin to act on behalf of our freedom and our security!"

Democrats loudly cheered and applauded the remarks.

Told his time was expired, Hoyer encouraged a "yes" vote on the amendment, and Democrats chanted, "USA! USA!" Fox News reported the speech came as "the House moved forward with a spending bill that eliminates new funding for election security grants to states."

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