Dem Sen: All Dems Want Universal Coverage, But at 'Different Speeds and on Different Paths'

Sunday show round-up

Sherrod Brown / YouTube
November 10, 2019

This week on the Sunday news shows: Sen. Sherrod Brown (D., Ohio) explains that all Democrats want universal health care, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D., Minn.) says Hunter Biden should not testify in the House impeachment inquiry, and Rep. Jackie Speier (D., Calif.) expresses fear for the whistleblower's life.

Dem Sen: All Dems Want Universal Coverage, But at 'Different Speeds and on Different Paths'

Brown said that Democratic presidential candidates should focus on their common goal for universal health care coverage when campaigning against President Donald Trump.

On Meet the Press, NBC's Chuck Todd asked Brown whether 2020 Democrats should be campaigning on Medicare for All or expanding Obamacare. Brown said Democrats should focus on Trump's failures in health care policy.

"All the Democrats want universal coverage," he said. "Some want to get to it at different speeds and on different paths. Contrast that where this president went to Congress, lost by one vote, trying to wipe away the Affordable Care Act."

Brown also said that while he supports expanding Obamacare, he thinks that both supporters of Medicare for All and proponents of Obamacare can hit Trump on the same point.

"Democrats want to get to universal coverage," he said. "Republicans want to take it away."

Klobuchar: 'I See No Reason' Why Hunter Biden Should Testify

Klobuchar said she sees "no reason" why Hunter Biden should testify in the House impeachment inquiry.

Klobuchar told CNN's Jake Tapper on State of the Union that House Republicans' attempts to call both Hunter Biden and the unnamed Ukraine whistleblower are irrelevant to an investigation intended to discover "what the president did" in his dealings with Ukraine. Klobuchar added that Republican attempts at a counter-investigation are a "sham."

"I see no reason why you would have Hunter Biden testify when—from what all of the reports that we've seen is this was not a valid investigation," she said. "It was something with the president was messing around to try to get information against a political opponent."

House Democrats have stepped up their calls for impeachment after Trump asked Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in a July phone call to investigate Biden family dealings in Ukraine.

Speier: Whistleblower's Life Is at 'Great Risk'

Speier said on ABC's This Week that the whistleblower should not testify because his life is at "great risk."

"The only thing the whistleblower can say is that he was told by other people about the phone call," she said. "We have the other people coming forward to actually testify. So you have direct evidence, not indirect evidence. And the whistleblower has great risk associated with his life right now."

Speier also said that Republicans would only call the whistleblower to testify to give their investigation a sort of "gravitas."

Both Republicans and Democrats have called for protecting the whistleblower's identity.