Cotton on Eastern Ghouta Bombings: ‘These Bombings Deserve the Highest Condemnation by the Civilized World’

Sen. Tom Cotton
Sen. Tom Cotton / Getty Images

Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton (R.) released a statement Monday condemning the Syrian government for defying a United Nations ceasefire.

Syria forces launched a ground offensive and continued airstrikes, including a chlorinated bomb against a rebel-held enclave, the Washington Post reports.

"Only two days after the U.N. Security Council unanimously called for a ceasefire, the Assad regime has killed hundreds of its own people in Eastern Ghouta," Cotton said.

He went on to further condemn the nature of the government's continued violence.

"It’s especially barbaric to target hospitals and clinics, and there are reports that the regime may have once again used chemical weapons," he said.

In the rest of Cotton's statement, he continued to call out the Syrian president by name and laid blame on Russia and Iran, two of Assad's chief allies.

"Assad is desperate to cling to power, and these bombings deserve the highest condemnation by the civilized world," Cotton said. "Assad’s sponsors in Moscow and Tehran also deserve special condemnation for continuing to prop up their puppet Assad as innocent lives perish."

Days earlier, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley called on the UN to not allow the Assad regime to "act with impunity."