‘The Verge’ Co-Founder Calls Ben Shapiro ‘The Jew Who Helps Other Jews Onto the Train’

Topolsky deletes tweets but isn't sorry: 'I didn't apologize lol' (Updated)

Ben Shapiro
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• July 1, 2018 8:02 pm


The Verge co-founder Joshua Topolsky called conservative writer Ben Shapiro the equivalent of a treacherous Jew collaborating with the Nazis in a tweet sent Saturday.

"Ben Shapiro is the Jew who helps other Jews onto the train," Topolsky wrote in the now-deleted tweet.

After one user responded, "Yes, and Ben dreams of the handshake and shiny medal he'll get for being such an obedient boy," Topolsky wrote back, "Either way Ben ends up on his knees." That tweet has also been deleted.

Topolsky co-founded the Vox Media tech news site The Verge in 2011, and he went on to join Bloomberg as its chief digital officer. He left Bloomberg in 2015 and started the digital media company The Outline.

To hear Topolsky explain it, however, he did not delete the attack because he was sorry about it. Rather, he wrote back one angry user, "I deleted it because a mob of right wing babies were flooding my mentions and it was frankly pretty annoying (as were the DM death threats)."

He also wrote, "I didn't apologize lol."

"You didn't delete it bc it was an abhorrent thing to say?" one user wrote. "No," Topolsky replied.

Topolsky continued to cheekily respond to Twitter critics of what he wrote on Sunday night, and he seemed to suggest Shapiro was also a "bastard" when asked about why he wrote such a thing about Jews.

"But you hate Jews Joshua," a user said. "I am a Jew Curtis," Topolsky wrote back. "I hate bastards."

To hear him explain it, those critical of his rhetoric didn't understand the "metaphor."

For his part, Shapiro said he had been blocked on Twitter long ago by Topolsky.

Shapiro founded and serves as editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, a popular conservative website, and he also hosts a daily podcast and radio show called The Ben Shapiro Show. He appeared Friday night on the left-wing HBO talk show "Real Time With Bill Maher," where he sparred with the host over President Donald Trump's administration, the Russia investigation and civility in modern politics.

Shapiro did not vote for Trump but has defended him when he enacted policies he supports. In spite of his criticism of Trump, Shapiro was the target of vehement protests when he spoke at the University of California in Berkeley last year.

UPDATE: Monday, 11:45 A.M.: This article initially referred to Topolsky as the co-founder of Vox Media, which he identifies himself as in his Twitter biography. This has been corrected to show he co-founded The Verge, a tech website owned by Vox Media. Vox stated it has reached out to Topolsky to correct his Twitter bio.

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