CNN: Complete Chaos as Schultz Escorted Out of Florida Speech by Security, Ignored Media Questions

July 25, 2016

CNN reporter MJ Lee reported live immediately after outgoing Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.), was booed by party delegates from Florida on Monday.

Lee showed the bedlam surrounding Schultz as she spoke and left the venue and how she refused to take questions from the media.

"This was just a scene of complete chaos," Lee said.

"As Debbie Wassermann Schultz took the stage, as you mentioned, there were some people who were cheering, ‘Debbie, Debbie, Debbie,’ to show their support. However, the protesters, I guess you can call them, the critics of Wassermann Schultz, began to chant against her, basically sort of booing her off the stage," Lee said. "They were yelling things like ‘shame, shame, shame.’ You can see from the pictures, holding up signs that said the word ‘e-mails’ and also, some people who were holding Bernie Sanders posters."

"Now, Wassermann Schultz tried to power through her speech, despite there being so much booing and so much yelling against her, but you could obviously tell that this was a very sort of awkward situation for her to be in," Lee added.

Anchor Carol Costello asked Lee about Schultz’s departure and who was surrounding Schultz as she left. Lee said security and the press were circling her.

"As she left the stage, obviously a lot of reporters and members of the press wanted to talk to her, wanted to ask her questions, so there was a huge scrum of press trying to follow her," Lee said. "So she was basically surrounded by members of security as she left."

"We tried to ask her some questions to get her reaction to all of this. She just looked forward and left the room very quickly, Carol," Lee continued.

NBC reporter Alexandra Jaffe tweeted that during a California Democratic breakfast, Hillary Clinton’s name was booed.