CNN Panel: Clinton 20 Points Below Where She Should Be

Commentator blames sexism for Clinton's woes

• April 18, 2016 12:09 pm


A panel on CNN discussed the status of the Democratic race and Hillary Clinton's poor trustworthiness poll numbers, with one commentator blaming it on sexism, not scandals.

Co-host Chris Cuomo pointed to a poll by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News which showed Clinton's unfavorable rating at 56 percent.

"The polls this close are meaningless, we get that. But the crosstabs are not. Clinton is down 20 points from where people say she should be as the unfavorable opinion, OK. The unfavorable opinion, when they look at Democratic candidates, the opinion of them, 56 percent negative, Democrat registered voters on her, OK? Sanders, 36. That's really where you want to be," Cuomo said. "Nobody is really ever above anything close to forty in these kinds of things. What does that mean here and moving forward?"

CNN political commentator Errol Louis tried to blame Clinton's poor numbers on sexism, instead of on Clinton's continual scandals.

"Well, I think it means she's got something she's got to overcome. Let me suggest to you, because some of her strategists have said this kind of quietly—it's not really sort of a big thing on the campaign trail is that a lot of this is sexism," Louis said. "I mean, it's buried so deep that people just say, ‘Well, I don't trust her, she doesn't keep her word.’ And you turn around and say what politician does?"

"So they're saying it's sexism, not the cascade of scandals?" Cuomo asked.

"I think there's an element of that. It doesn't necessarily play itself out, I think, in the vote," Louis said. "But I think that's what accounts for those polls because she is, in fact, those same polls show that a lot of people are going to vote for her."