Clinton to Visit Wisconsin to Promote New Book ‘What Happened’

2016 Dem nominee never visited Badger State during campaign

Hillary Rodham Clinton / Getty Images
Hillary Rodham Clinton / Getty Images

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit Wisconsin almost exactly one year after she lost the 2016 presidential election.

Clinton will speak at Riverside Theater in Milwaukee on Nov. 9 to promote her new book What Happened, according to the former Democratic presidential candidate's schedule.

Clinton lost the state to now-President Donald Trump by less than one percent on the night of Nov. 8, 2016. Post-election autopsies noted that Clinton failed to visit Wisconsin a single time during the general election, while Trump visited it several times.

Trump's victory in Wisconsin marked the first time the state voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1984, when Ronald Reagan was elected to office.

Following the announcement, pundits on Twitter began immediately making wise cracks about the irony of Clinton's visit.