Christie: Mizzou, Yale Protests a Product of Obama’s ‘Lawlessness’

Chris Christie
Chris Christie / AP
November 12, 2015

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican presidential candidate, said that the protests at the University of Missouri and Yale are in part a product of President Obama’s "lawlessness."

Christie made the remarks during an interview with the Washington Post at a campaign stop in Muscataine, Iowa, when asked about the protests, which have been driven by students pushing back on both schools for alleged incidents of racism and racial insensitivity.

"I think part of this is a product of the president’s own unwillingness and inability to bring people together. When people think justice is not applied evenly and fairly, they take matters into their own hands," Christie stated.

"The lawlessness that the president has allowed to exist in this country just absolutely strips people of hope. Our administration would stand for the idea that justice is not just a word, but it’s a way of life. Laws will be applied evenly, fairly, and without bias to everyone."

Earlier this week, the University of Missouri president resigned after black students claimed that administrators had failed to properly handle racism on campus. The protests at Yale University in Connecticut have been spurred by emails about offensive Halloween costumes.