Chinese Officials Restrain Pregnant Woman, Force Late-Term Abortion


Chinese officials last month forced a six-month pregnant woman to have an abortion against her will, All Girls Allowed reports.

The Chinese government recently outlawed forced late term abortions, a practice that the country’s one-child policy has encouraged.

Initial reports of the illegal abortion surfaced last week, but All Girls Allowed spoke with the woman’s husband on Oct. 31, confirming the abortion.

Mr. Qiao confirmed the following story: On October 2nd, his wife, Ms. Song, a pregnant mother of two, was alone at her home in Heilizhai, Shandong. She had heard nothing from the local family planning office and assumed she would safely deliver her third child since she was six months pregnant. But at 5pm, seven family planning officials arrived and pulled her into a van against her will. They drove her 100 km away to the Dongying Universal Love Women’s Hospital.

There, officials confiscated her cell phone and stripped her clothing when she tried to resist. They injected her with a sedative, pressed her finger to a "consent form," then injected a chemical solution into her womb to induce an abortion. Afterwards, officials locked Ms. Song inside the hospital and neglected to return her clothes to her. She had to remain at the hospital alone until she delivered her stillborn baby on October 5.

China’s 18th National Congress meet on Nov. 8, and, according to the release, government officials are trying to cover up the abortion before the prominent event.

Initial reports indicated that the family planning officials in Heilizhai were trying to cover up the story. "The officials threatened us and said they would pay us 30,000 RMB ($4,800), but they haven’t given us anything," said Mr. Qiao. "Instead they asked me what kind of trouble I was trying to cause. I feel this is not right."

All Girls Allowed later confirmed that the Chinese government has given Mr. Qiao 40,000 RMB ($6,400) from the government, but he "noted that no officials had yet been punished."