Carly Fiorina Embarrasses 'The View' For Trying To Defend 'Demented' Comments

November 6, 2015

Carly Fiorina joined the ladies of The View Friday morning after they joked that her face "looked demented" like a Halloween mask during a debate, pointing out their double standard after criticizing Donald Trump for his critiques of her appearance.

On October 29, Whoopi Goldberg mocked Fiorina's appearance during the Republican primary debate, leading to Michelle Collins calling Fiorina's face "demented." The comment received laughs and applause on the show and Joy Behar even suggested making Carly Fiorina's face into a Halloween mask. After huge backlash that included criticism from CNN, the show invited Fiorina to come back for the second time during her campaign.

The highly anticipated appearance yielded a number of awkward moments, especially when the liberal hosts of the female-oriented talk show attempted to defend their remarks about Fiorina's appearance.

Goldberg decided to bring up the subject by suggesting to Fiorina that she develop thicker skin.

"There are going to be lots of comics saying lots of different things and I wondered, because we saw that you were a little upset about us about a comic comment that was made," Goldberg said. "And so how will you steel your skin ... Do you know what I mean? How will you get a thicker skin to accept some of the humorous things that will be said about you?"

Fiorina brought up The View's hosts slamming Trump for making unflattering remarks about Fiorina's looks and wondered about the double standard.

"If you meant your comment about my face being demented and a Halloween mask as humorous, so be it," Fiorina said. "I guess you misinterpreted Donald Trump's comments about my face and thought those were not humorous, you sort of took him to task."

Behar interrupted Fiorina's response to point out that Trump is running for president while she and her colleagues are merely comedians and, therefore, should not be held to the same standard.

"I do not understand why any politician should be exempt from my comedic jokes," Behar said.

Fiorina told Behar that she could say whatever she wants to, adding "you always have, you always will." The Republican candidate said she had skin plenty thick enough to take on whatever people throw at her.

Sometimes, for Fiorina, that has meant literally whatever people throw her. In September, Planned Parenthood protesters threw condoms at Fiorina and her staff.

Collins suggested that Fiorina did not look like herself during the debate, repeating that it was "not your natural state of mind" with a chuckle. Also repeated during the interview was Goldberg claiming that Fiorina gained much publicity and positive press from her "fake feud" with The View.

Paula Faris pointed to Fiorina raising money off of the feud as her "making lemonade out of lemons."

"Oh, so you guys are telling me that you guys are lemons?" Fiorina quipped.

The View table applauded Fiorina's witty response.

Following their segment with Fiorina, the show promoted their upcoming topic of discussion: "A Real Housewives Shocker."