Bloomberg Loses Focus

Mayor answers gun control compliment with, 'Look at the ass on her'

• January 28, 2013 9:48 am


Mayor Michael Bloomberg is not always focused on his quest for gun control, apparently.

Tucked away in New York magazine's profile of mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, the city's Napoleonic mayor answered a compliment on his gun control push by checking out a nearby woman:

Later in the evening, the host interrupted me to point out that the mayor himself had just arrived. Did I want to meet him? Sure. My friend and I followed the host over, shook Bloomberg’s hand, and my friend thanked him for his position on gun control. Without even acknowledging the comment, Bloomberg gestured toward a woman in a very tight floor-length gown standing nearby and said, "Look at the ass on her."

When not dealing with distracting eye candy, the mayor is still doing plenty to restrict access to guns.

Bloomberg met with Jim Messina, the chair of the tax-exempt Obama 501(c)4, Organizing for Action, about coordinating their national gun control efforts, Politico reported Sunday.

Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the group financed by Bloomberg, also met with Vice President Joe Biden during his working group meetings on the issue. The group is currently making calls in Nevada about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's position on gun control.

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