Bernie Sanders Gives No Indication That He Will Suspend Campaign

June 28, 2016

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) suggested to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Tuesday that he does not plan to suspend his presidential campaign before the Democratic National Convention in July.

Sanders, who told CNN host Chris Cuomo last week that he will likely vote for Hillary Clinton in the general election, did not give Mitchell a sign as to whether or not he will be suspending his campaign.

"When might you decide to suspend your campaign?" Mitchell asked.

"What we are trying to do is to address the major crises facing working families in this country and we are going to use all of the tools we can to do that," Sanders responded. "We have some 1,900 delegates who are going to be coming to Philadelphia [for the convention]. Those delegates without exception are going to stand up and fight to make sure that the working class has a voice in this country, that government listens to them, that we end a corrupt campaign finance system. That’s what this campaign has been about and will continue to be about."

Mitchell pressed Sanders on his campaign’s future, asking, "So it will be a contested convention as far as you’re concerned?"

"Well, right now we are doing everything we can to make the Democratic party platform progressive as it can be," Sanders responded.

The Democratic National Convention will be held July 25-28 in Philadelphia.