AP Warns Reporters to ‘Stay Vigilant’ of Sanders Supporters

Bernie Sanders, Jane Sanders
Jane and Bernie Sanders / AP

The Associated Press warned its reporters to "stay vigilant" after recent harassment from supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Sanders supporters became angry after AP called the race for Hillary Clinton on Monday, the day before the California primary. Danny Spriggs, AP’s vice president for global security, told the Hill that some reporters received angry emails, social media messages, and phone calls after the story was published.

Spriggs told employees in an email that no specific security threats have been received but "it is always good to practice situational awareness around AP bureaus and offices."

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AP declared that Clinton is the Democratic nominee because she has enough pledged delegates and superdelegates to cross the party’s threshold for nomination. Sanders supporters disagreed with AP’s story since superdelegates technically do not vote for a candidate until July.

Sanders said in a speech Tuesday night that he will "continue the fight in the last primary in Washington, D.C," despite reports that Clinton is the Democratic nominee.