Continetti: School Reopenings a Must for Parents

Washington Free Beacon founding editor Matthew Continetti argued Thursday that schools opening is nonnegotiable for many parents, echoing President Donald Trump's demand that classes resume.

"I understand that there are over 10,000 different school districts in this country. Each has its own concerns, and if that means more money should be spent by the federal government, by all means. This limited government conservative is ready to spend big—just open up those schools so I can have some quiet in my house," Continetti said.

The Trump administration has started exerting federal pressure on schools to reopen this fall after the coronavirus pandemic forced nationwide closures and a retreat to remote learning. Teachers' unions are among the key figures who have rebuffed Trump, citing safety concerns, but Continetti argued that lockdown has put parents like him in a position of desperately wanting to put their kids back in the classroom for part of the day.

"After several months in lockdown, I'm afraid that I have been radicalized on this issue," he said. "I want the schools to open. I want them to open next week if possible."

Democrats have criticized Trump's response to the pandemic, but a step as drastic as closing schools for the rest of the year could land them in political trouble. A majority of parents told Gallup last month that they would prefer to see their children return to school in person in the fall.

Studies indicate serious health complications from the coronavirus are rare in children compared with older populations. Children also appear to spread the virus less than adults, although data about transmission still have shortcomings.