Wolf on Benghazi: 'It is Clear This is a Cover-Up'

Wolf pushing for select committee to investigate

Rep. Frank Wolf (R., Va.) said Tuesday it has become more apparent to him that the Obama administration is engaging in a cover-up on Benghazi and continued to call for a Congressional select committee to further investigate the attack.

"It is clear this is a cover-up," Wolf said. "The only way to get to the bottom of this is to have a select committee. We lost four American citizens. That was a battlefield. That was a battlefield where America basically withdrew from the battle."

Questions that arose during the Fox News interview include why two former CIA agents who wanted to assist were told to stand down and who gave those orders, as well as why the wounded survivors of the attack still at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center remain nameless.

"I will not stop pushing for this," Wolf said. "The only way you're going to be able to do it is offer subpoena power. Many people would now like to come in and testify but they need to be subpoenaed, and if the Congress doesn't do that, the Congress will have failed in its obligations."

Monday marked the six-month anniversary of the terrorist assault that left four Americans dead.

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