U.S. Servicemen Take Down Terrorist Gunman on French Train

Don't mess with American troops, even in France

A Thalys train of French national railway operator, SNCF, stands at the main train station in Arras, northern France, after a gunman opened fire injuring three people / AP

Three Americans, including a member of the Air Force and a member of the National Guard, subdued a heavily armed terrorist aboard a train on its way from Amsterdam to Paris.

According to the Washington Post, the Air Force serviceman, Spencer Stone, 26, was wounded with a knife and taken to the hospital.

The other two passengers to stop the gunman were Alek Skarlatos, 22, a member of the National Guard, and Anthony Sadler, a student at Sacramento State University.

The train stopped at the Arras station in northern France, where counter-terrorist police detained the gunman, who was armed with an assault rifle, a pistol, and knives.

French President Francois Hollande expressed support for those injured in a tweet, writing, "I express my solidarity with the wounded from the attack on the train from Amsterdam to Paris. Everything is being done to shed light on this tragedy."

Update, 7:45 A.M., Sat. 22 August: Early reports from French media indicated that the American servicemen were Marines, rather than members of the Air Force and National Guard. Having been saved by Marines before, the French understandably assumed it had happened again.