The Five Fatal Flaws In The Iran Deal

Ambassador Robert Joseph offered a scathing review of President Obama’s Iran nuclear agreement in testimony he delivered on Tuesday in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Commentary reported.

In his testimony, the Joseph identified five fatal flaws with the deal.

  1. The deal has ineffective measures to verify Iran is fully complying with their end of the bargain.
  2. The deal recognizes and legitimizes Iran’s path to a nuclear weapon with continued uranium enrichment and in 15 years, reprocessing of plutonium.
  3. The deal abandons America’s most important leverage over Iran by putting an end to the sanctions regime that brought the rogue state to the negotiating table.
  4. The deal fails to prevent a breakout in a meaningful way since it allows the largest state sponsor of terror to resume nuclear activity in 15 years.
  5. The deal does not limit Iran’s ballistic missile force, which can be used to create even more turmoil in the chaotic Middle East.

As undersecretary of state for arms control and international security, Joseph was involved in the negotiations with Libya and North Korea. In the case of Libya, Joseph said the U.S. attained "anytime, anywhere" inspections.

He dismissed the administration’s claim the only alternative to the deal is war as "hyperbole." Joseph advised Congress to reject the current parameters and go back to the negotiating table to insist for a better deal.

"The costs and risks of accepting this bad deal far outweigh the alternative of going back to the negotiating table."