Police: Suspect in Austin Bombings Is Dead After Blowing Himself Up


Austin bombing
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The suspect in a series of bombings that have terrorized Austin, Texas, in recent weeks is dead after blowing himself up following a police chase, authorities said Wednesday morning.

"This is the culmination of three very long weeks in our community," Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said.

The deceased suspect has been identified as Mark Anthony Conditt, according to reports. His motive is not known.

CNN reports:

Since the bombings started on March 2, investigators frantically searched for clues, calling the attacks the work of a"serial bomber" who increasingly changed tactics. The attacks killed two people and left the Texas capital terrorized with fear for 19 days.

In the past 24 to 36 hours, law enforcement received information directing them to a person of interest, who ultimately became a suspect.

Surveillance teams tracked the suspects' vehicle to a hotel in Round Rock, north of Austin. As police waited on tactical units, the vehicle left the hotel. SWAT approached the vehicle and the suspect detonated a bomb, injuring a SWAT member and killing himself.

Police told citizens to continue to remain vigilant, as it's possible the suspected bomber could have sent more packages containing explosives over the past 24 hours before his death.

The first three bombings in the spate of attacks were in the form of packages left on unsuspecting people's doorsteps. The first one, on March 2, killed 39-year-old Anthony Stephan House, and the second, on March 12, killed 17-year-old Draylen Mason.

The fourth blast was triggered by a tripwire and injured two men, and other package bombs detonated outside a home in Austin and at a FedEx distribution center near San Antonio.

President Donald Trump tweeted about the news on Tuesday morning, saying "great job by law enforcement and all concerned!"

UPDATED 11:33 A.M.: This article was updated with the reported name of the suspect.