Steve Hayes Breaks Down WFB Scoop: Rhodes Says Iran Deal Will Be Obamacare of the 2nd Term

October 31, 2014

In audio obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Ben Rhodes, Deputy National Security adviser to President Obama, said an Iran deal would be the Obamacare of the second term.

The Weekly Standard’s Steve Hayes spoke with Fox News about the implications of the Rhodes’ comments.

"It definitely gives you a sense of just how important the administration sees a deal with Iran." Hayes said. "I mean, remember what the administration did to pass health care. They twisted arms, they gave favors. The president wasn't going to take anything less than full, comprehensive health care reform."

Rhodes touched on the developing strategy to accomplish such a deal by going behind Congress’s back: "We're already kind of picking through how do we structure a deal so we don't have to require legislative action. And there are ways to do that."

This strong-arm strategy is already in play.

Coupled with Jeffrey Goldberg’s piece on the shattered U.S.-Israeli relationship, it is clear the Obama administration pressured Benjamin Netanyahu against launching preemptive airstrikes on Iranian nuclear facilities.

It may be too late to act now, and Hayes believes Obama will regret it: "A top U.S. official boasting about having stopped an attack on Iran's nuclear facilities are not going to look good when Iran has a nuke."

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