State Dept: ‘There Is No Secret Agreement’ with Iran

Iran says secret deal made with West

• January 14, 2014 2:38 pm


The State Department maintained on Tuesday that the U.S. has not inked a "secret side deal with Iran."

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister and lead negotiator Abbas Araqchi on Monday claimed that key points on the recently signed nuclear deal were contained in a 30-page secret document.

The confidential side deal purportedly contains critical details of how the nuclear deal is to be carried out.

The White House is additionally refusing to release the text of the official deal.

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf told reporters on Tuesday that there is no secret deal.

"Let me be very clear: There is no secret agreement here," Harf said. "The documentation associated with the implementation agreement tracks completely with what we've described, which are technical plans submitted to the IAEA."

"Let me be very clear There is nothing secret here," she claimed. "Nobody — I have used this already once today — nobody is trying to hide the ball here. We're just working with our partners on getting that relief."

Harf said that Aragchi’s remarks had been misinterpreted.

"The deputy foreign minister, I believe, is who you're referring to — came out today and said that his comments — and I am not quoting him directly here, but — were not entirely accurate — were misconstrued," Harf maintained.

She also said that many other players have a role in the deal, and that some details of the deal will be released in the future.

"As you know, this is not solely a U.S. process," Harf said. These understandings were reached with our P-5 plus one partners, with the EU [European Union], the [International Atomic Energy Agency] and Iran. We will make the text available to Congress and the public, but we must work with the parties on when and in what format the information will be released, and we hope to do that very soon."

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